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Décor Trend - Update your Home

Every season brings some changes in home design; it’s time to look for upgrades without busting your budget.

Come festive season, and we are all looking for new ideas to make the home ready for the onslaught of festivities. From hosting high teas to stylish soirees, ‘tis the season to open your doors and invite people in. A reason why you need to update your home design. We round up four big trends.


Festivities are all about the right lighting. If your goal is to find home lighting ideas that are unique and beautiful, it’s time you thought about getting customized lighting fixtures made by artisans. Artisanal Lighting is all about unique, handcrafted lamps, shades or chandeliers that can help you personalize your space. Chandeliers in sculptural forms work best, as they are certified conversation pieces. Striking design make these chandeliers stand out.


when you go for artisanal fixtures, make sure you make it the focal point of the room.


If fancy fixtures are not your jam, go for modern, minimalism courtesy wall lighting. In fact, décor trends show that by the time we move in to 2020, home lighting will see a shift to sidewall fixtures from tabletop lamps. It’s all about giving a uniquely modern twist to your living room lighting.


Go full Michelangelo on your roof, as colourful, painted ceiling is the season’s biggest décor trend. Design experts attributes this to the fact that amid lighting, furnishing and flooring, the ceiling has been ignored for far too long and finally interior design is looking up – no pun intended. From wallpaper to mouldings and daring paint colours, the ceiling is about creating a ‘wow moment’ in your space. Make a strong statement by using an accent colour or get a full mural painted.


Amid the grandeur of painted ceiling, you still have the ‘less is more’ sensibility where interior design is more functional and less fancy. The move towards multi-functional spaces and furniture is still going strong. The idea is to incorporate multi-use spaces think kitchen counters that change to a dining area or a work area that can be repurposed as a sitting room. The key is to start thinking out of the box.

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